Winner of the GSTT Award 2017

Gold for special Innovation in no-dig Technologies for Wrap-Tech-Solution®

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Do you have a defective cable in your cable stock and you don`t want to stop the supply or have expensive dig works?

Then we have the solution:

HD Wrap Tech Solution®

We renovate cable-carrying pipes with our unique wrap-around packer method

HD Sanierungstechnik has developed a new renovation method for repairing of cable-carrying pipes. Our HD wrap Tech Solution® process causes no disruptions or hindrances to the ongoing operation.

An inflatable pillow – the HD wrap-around packer – soaked in a GFK laminate resin is inserted into the interior of the pipe. Using a pressure differential, this cushion expands radially and can repair/coat the inside of the pipe from this pressure. All materials used by us are DIBt approved.

The advantages of the procedure are obvious:

  • no cost and time-intensive earthworks (trenchless renovation)
  • no cable removal or new installation
  • gentle process for sensitive old wiring
  • no loss of supply or other operating restrictions
  • sustainable work

The renovation of the pipe is possible at any distance from the damaged area.

The procedure can be applied to all supply lines regardless of whether they are for telecommunications, electricity, gas, etc.

Almost all pipes from size DN 100 upwards can be renovated in a closed style.


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