HD Sanierungstechnik is a young and enthusiastic team which develops and sells innovative technologies and rehabilitation methods for sewer rehabilitation without digging. We developed the only sewer rehabilitation packer, which works in 5 dimensions.

Richard Heiberger


Nina Heiberger

Marketing Manager


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Jürgen Marksteiner

Head of Production


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Mikail Ucal


Stefan Bayer

Warehouse and logistics

Our Products

Sanierungspacker lateral

Rehabilitation packer

We offer many highly innovative and efficient solutions for successful rehabilitations. Our product range includes, among others, rehabilitation packers, lock-off technologies or house-connections. Our well-proven products include furthermore rehabilitation packers for straight lines and bendy-packers for curved lines. These packers are unique in the market. They are produced with unique material components and are extremely durable. Our rehabilitation packers help you to rehabilitate the easy way.


Partial rehabilitation

As specialists in the particular area of pipe rehabilitation it goes without saying that we use and develop the latest technologies. We take care of preventing entirely underground infrastructure from defects in application that may – in worst cases – cause additional costs and efforts.
Thanks to our in-house developed technologies like flow control bladders, sewer rehabilitation packer, air push rods, GFK Laminate and resin, we find fast, effective and professional solutions.

Flow control technology

When using multidimensional block off bladders (small cross-section / large expand-volume as dimension 50-150) or our new HD test bladder together leak tests can now be realized,as easiliy as ever before. In addition, branched drainage systems can be implemented with multiple dimension jumps in the smallest dimension to verify the largest dimension in sections or at points for leaks.



We offer different types of high quality , oil-free and mobile compressors to pressurize rehabilitation packers with compressed air. For further questions, don`t hesitate to contact us!


Coupling & other equipment

Different geometries and dimensions in sewer often require a wide choice of connections and solutions to get a perfect result in short liner rehabilitation. Therefore we offer different products for any solution. Just get in contact with us, we will be happy to consult.


HD Wrap Tech Solution®

HD Sanierungstechnik has developed a new renovation method for repairing of
cable-carrying pipes. Our HD wrap Tech Solution® process causes no disruptions or hindrances to the ongoing operation.

Our Service

Individual training

We sell goods from in-house production and offer technical support for your concerns and training to ensure safe and responsible handling for flexible and simple application while rehabilitation.


Vehicle expansion

NEW: individual vehicle expansion basics of our inner space concept

We offer different solutions for efficient storage of common equipment for short lining. Our special customized boxes and cases for Laminate or machines are perfect to add through your vehicle.



In case of material or construction fault, we are pleased to exchange your packer for free or give a credit advice.

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