HD TYger is a new technology for rehabilitation of Y-and T-connections in sewer in the field of dimensions 100-150.


HD TYger is a new and unique designed packer system for fast, reliable and easy rehabilitation of T-and Y-Connection in pipes and sewers either with collars or hats. Our system consists of 2 different packers, which provide a range from DN 100 bis zu DN 150.
The functionality of our brand new system is based on 2 independent pressure chambers. This enables the packer and the pulled-over inflating tube to expand separately. It can easily be adjusted and placed at the damadged area. Tight-fitting and flexible collars and hats are available for all common T- and Y-Connections.


  • without milling operations
  • bendy & flexible
  • quick
  • easy handling
  • small diameter
  • only little equipment necessary

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