Rehabilitation packers in another dimension!

We offer many highly innovative and efficient solutions for successful rehabilitations. Our product range includes, among others, rehabilitation packers, lock-off technologies or house-connections. Our well-proven products include furthermore rehabilitation packers for straight lines and bendy-packers for curved lines. These packers are unique in the market. They are produced with unique material components and are extremely durable. Our rehabilitation packers help you to rehabilitate the easy way.

Enjoy following advantages in using our packers:

  • Small diameter of our packers e.g. DN 70-200
  • unique expansion
  • dimensionally stable and still highly flexible
  • customized production according to customer specifications
  • ideal sliding quality
  • with only 3 HD packers you can easily achieve dimensions between 50 and 1000!
  • efficient and economic work
  • HD lateral packer can be upgraded with the HD-Adapter for steam hardening. Hereby the deshuttering time can be significantly reduced

We supply rehabilitation packers in different versions, which are different in terms of their nominal size. The different available diameters range between DN 30 and DN 1000 mm. We are pleased to offer individual lengths on request. Besides lateral packers and bendy packers we also offer any necessary consumable materials for partial pipe rehabilitation.


As a further service we offer repairs of your own packers. Just send your faulty packer to us and we will fix it within a very short time.


Feel free to ask for our packers for a free testing time of 2 weeks to convince yourselves of their proper quality.

Or ask for our special starter-kit which includes all necessary equipment for a smooth rehabilitation for a small price.

You have questions? Write us. We will help you.

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