HD Sanierungstechnik is a young and enthusiastic team which develops and sells innovative technologies and rehabilitation methods for sewer rehabilitation without digging.

We are constantly involved in development and maintenance of latest and most innovative rehabilitation methods.

Our products are tested under field conditions and have proven themselves for many years. This gives us the certainty to be able to offer you products of perfect quality. Our years of experience in daily practice inspire us constantly to optimize obsolete methods and perfected workflows.

Our objective is to enable users by practical training and the use of appropriate products, combined with our advanced equipment, a rehabilitation result of highest possible quality and durability.

“There is only one proof of ability — action.”

Richard Heiberger
Richard Heiberger


Nina Heiberger
Nina Heiberger

Marketing Manager


+49 9178 9985753

Jürgen Marktsteiner
Jürgen Marksteiner

Head of Production


+49 1525 4104814

Mikail Ucal


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