Coupling & other equipment

Schleuderkette - schwarz/weiss Bild

Spinning chain scraper with carbide buckle

HD Sanierungstechnik Kupplungen - schwarz/weiss Bild

Pneumatic / HD Quick Coupling

The spinning chain scraper serves as preparing operation before renovation for total root removal, removal of incrustations and deposits as well as removal of concrete remains in sewage pipelines.

Quick-acting couplings provide fast connection and disconnection of filled lines. For a variety of applications they offer the best and fastest way to connect.

Flex Adapter - schwarz/weiss Bild


Druckluftschlauch - schwarz/weiss Bild

Compressed air hose

Flex adapter in different versions for rehabilitation packers and flow-control and test bladders. The adapters make the bending flexibility more flexible and allowa new range of leak tests in widely branched drainage systems.

DN 13, 3-fold fabric reinforcement, wall thickness 3mm, maximum
pressure 20 bar, very flexible and kink stable,
working temperature -15°C to + 60°C

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