Customer Complaint & Exchange

In the event of a material defect, we will, of course, replace your packer free of charge, exchange it for a faultless product or credit the amount back to you.

Unfortunately, we also receive defective packers, which are no longer usable, due to faulty operation. Each packer shipment is accompanied by a technical data sheet, as well as application instructions and a calculation note for the packaging of the ECR laminate. These must be observed! From this one can tell that the packer should first be subjected to installation pressure before it is put into operation at operating pressure. The operating pressure varies depending on the packer and pipe dimension used.

In addition, we do not accept any liability for a packer that has been incorrectly selected for the damaged area or for a packer that has been incorrectly used. If the laminate is calculated too short or too long, the packer can not work properly. Frequently, partially torn packers are returned to us. Such damage is often caused by a lack of substrate preparation in the pipe. Care must be taken to ensure that the pipe substrate is perfectly cleaned without residue before a packer is used. Protruding obstacles must be levelled with the inner wall of the pipe.

Unfortunately, all the cases described above we can not replace free of charge.

The following reasons do not constitute a complaint:

  • plug has been blown up by the packer due to overpressure! The technical data sheet may not have been observed here.
  • Crack formation in the packer due to external impact (shards or sharp-edged residues in the pipe have led to cracks in the rubber)
  • permanent rehabilitation with lateral packers in arcs >45 degrees. A sheet packer would be needed here.
  • packer opens irregularly. This packer isn’t broken. See under Tips&Tricks KurzLiner Profi

The following constitutes a complaint:

  • defect material: rubber separates from tissue, blistering

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