Lateral Packer Normalzustand

For short liner and house connection rehabilitation, we developed our multidimensional lateral packer. Our sewer rehabilitation packer are high-quality and durable and enable unique pipe dimension jumps. For example the HD lateral DN 125-300 packer is able to inflate into 5 pipe dimensions-that´s unique!

Lateral Packer aufgeblasen


  • small packer diameter f. e. DN 70-200
  • unique dimension
  • dimensionally stable and nevertheless high-flexible
  • customization on customer ́s specifications
  • ideal push performance
  • with three HD packer you can reach nominal diameter of DN 30-1000
  • efficient und economical working
  • can be upgraded with flex adapter
  • with pre-fitting for steam curing

Rehabilitation of T-and Y-Connections with templates

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