Vehicle expansion

NEW: individual vehicle expansion

Basics of our inner space concept:

  • stable & light weight material construction for higher payload
  • smart inner space design for efficient work process
  • optimal access to tools, materials and machines

All common services of house connection combined in one vehicle:

  • pipe cleaning (electromechanical, hydraulic)
  • TV-pipe inspection (DN 30-800)
  • pipe socket rehabilitation (DN 70-200)
  • short liner technology
  • leaktests (DN 30-500)

Spiral baskets

SMA-16 165mm wide
SMA-22 195mm wide
SMA-32 225 mm wide

Machine magazines

MAMA-250 250mm wide (for Maschinen Rigid, Rowo, KaRo, und RIS P 22.16)
MAMA-190 190mm wide (for Maschinen RAK 40/41, RIS 22)
MAMA-230 230mm wide


ALu Box with a double unwinding mechanism
LxBxH 820x670x475


Alu Box with a simply unwinding mechanism
LxBxH 820x350x310

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