Air push rods

If you apply sewer rehabilitation in closed construction method, the damaged area of the sewer is often difficult to accessed by the sewer rehabilitation packer. The best method to reach faraway or hard-to-reach sectors is to use air push rods or push assistance as an aid. We provide equipment for all common sewer rehabilitation packer dimensions.

Air-push-rod standard

air-push-rod standard
Luftschiebestange Standard 2

Air-push-rod with extra short

air-push-rod with extra short
Luftschiebestange mit kurzem Aufbau 2

Air-push-rod 6-edged

air-push-rod 6-edged
Luftschiebestange 6 Kant 2

Push assistance big 14mm

Push assistance big
Schiebehilfe gross 14mm 2

Push-assistance small 10mm

push-assistance small
Schiebehilfe klein 10mm 2

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